Michael – Your Dogwalker

Certified Dogwalker (Berufsverband der Hundebetreuer und Dogwalker Berlin e.V.

  • Daily Dogwalking

“Ever since I was a child, dogs always seem to come straight to me. However, it was not until our dog Amy joined us in 2015, that I discovered my devotion for dogs. It makes me happy and grateful to be able to spend time with these amazing animals. Therefore, my decision to turn my hobby into my profession was quickly made when I had a chance to do so by the end of 2017. From then on, I wanted to do something that totally fulfills me – thus, the decision to become a dog trainer and to start a dogwalking service was more than obvious and I grabbed the chance with both hands. To me, there is no greater joy than to spend time with my pack irregardless of the weather – and I will be more than happy to welcom your dog to my pack very soon.”

Certificate Dogtrainer

Certificate Dogwalker

Letter of Admission Dogwalking

Michael Schmitz

Michaela – Your Dog Trainer

Certified Dog Trainer (§ 11 sec. 1 no. 8f Tierschutzgesetz – Vet.-Amt Potsdam-Mittelmark)

  • Dog Training

“Dogs have always played a major part in my life. As a teenager, I jobbed at the Berlin dog shelter for many years and it was there where I befriended Senta, the Great Dane who one “should better not approach” – however, that did not scare me and Senta and I became best friends. Not until much later in life was I able to make my dream of becoming a dog trainer come true – but it is never too late for that, is it? In November 2017 I started my professional education as dog trainer; and I have been admitted by the Veterinäramt Potsdam-Mittelmark according to § 8 sec. 1 no. 8f Tierschutzgesetz. I take my responsiblity very serious and consider dog training to be the core basis of trust between human and dog – from the very beginning, a dog’s life long.”

Certificate Dogtrainer

Certificate Health Trainer

Michaela Schmitz


  • Border-Collie-Mix

  • Born 2011

  • Happy

“Hi,my name is Amy. When I joined my humans in 2015, I had already experienced a lot of evil in this world. I was very insecure, did not know how to play nor cuddle and thought humans and fellow dogs in general were bad. I was already 4 years old then, however, my humans had decided to make me forget the sad times and turn me into a happy dog again. And you know what? That really worked out well! OK, sometimes I still come across insecure or simply don’t feel like meeting other dogs – however, I learn more and more each day and that turns me into a happy and well-balanced dog.”