Anybody can go for walks! However, we offer you a daily walking service for your dog so that you can plan your day ahead and reduce your stress level. We pick up your dog from your home or workplace and take him / her to a nearby place where they can happily roam, will be stimulated both mentally and physically and where they can have lots of fun with their dog friends! Each tour lasts about 2 hours – not including transport of course, but rather including lots of fun and action, swimming (if allowed and / or requested) and breaks for chilling – especially in hot temperatures. Of course, we carry water with us for the dogs.  Should the tour length (yet) be too exhausting for your dog, e.g. puppies, we will also find a way to help.

Our serviced area includes Kleinmachnow and Zehlendorf (Wannsee, Nikolassee, Schlachtensee) – this way we can guarantee that the transport time inside the (of course air-conditioned) car is as short as possible for your dogs. And it goes without saying that each dog has its own secure and comfortable transport box. Our groups are well-arranged with a max. of 5 – 7 dogs so that every dog gets the same amount of attention. We avoid overcrowded areas (e.g. Grunewaldsee) as these are nothing but stress for most dogs.

Our tours are being recorded by GPS – that way you can always see just where exactly your dogs spent the day and had fun – and also with who: If you want to we will send you pictures of your dogs from the individual tour along with his / her dog friends.

With all that, our dogwalking service offers you a more relaxed daily routine, helps you to plan ahead and supplies your dog with positive social contacts, fun and action!

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