During our education to become dog trainers we realised how the food we give our dogs influences his / her behaviour.

Words like crude protein, serotonin, tryptophan, muscle flesh etc. suddenly made sense to us. There is indeed a lot of wisdom in the sentence: “You are what you eat!”.

Manufacturing and distribtion of dog food nowadays employs an entire industry – a truly million dollar business. And this excessive surplus does not make it easier to keep track: What do the individual ingredients mean? What is good for my dog – and what is not? And most of all: How much? Is BARF really the best alternative for my dog?

Together with you, we will take a look at your feeding methods – and discuss what you could possibly improve.

And also the question “How” must not be underestimated … you will quickly see how a modified feeding attitude has positive effects on the well-being, the strategic thinking and the behaviour of your dog.

If you are interested in a nutritional consulting, feel free to contact us. Through her additional certification as “Health and Nutritional Consulter for Dogs”, Michaela has qualified in this area. You will see: It’s worth it and your dog will be grateful.