Dogs love being outside and to act and play in a team. They want to be part of a pack. Each dog has its own individual abilities and they strengthen each other. They communicate in their own language – the body language -, also in energy and charisma.

As dogwalkers we accompany your dogs and guide them where necessary. We are neither dominant nor do we improve of the complete anti-authoritarian education – we work with positive reinforcement and rewarding. Our communication is clear and honest, full of respect and trust and we always decide depending on the situation. We give your dogs species-appropriate walkings with matching fellows. With us, your dog can feel safe. We look after our dogs in all situations. Trust, consistency and love lay the foundation for a good and working human-dog-relationship.

In Kleinmachnow, Zehlendorf and its surrounding areas, our dogwalking service contributes to a more relaxed, more socialised, healthier and happier dog.

Our dog training and our health / nutritional consulting shall inspire you to keep your dog health, fit and happy – the whole dog’s life long.

That is our philosophy!