On Saturday, 16 March 2019 at 2 pm our seminar “First Aid for Dog Owners” took place.

Ms. Jenny Baasner (veterinary assistant with many years of experience) held the theory and practice seminar with important subjects, such as

– Recognition of illnesses and emergencies
– What belongs into the medicine chest?
– Dealing with various injuries
– What to do in case of cardiovascular problems (reanimation)
– Poisoning / heat stroke / insect stings etc.
– General questions on medical treatments / first aid

Approx. 30 participants were very happy at the end of the seminar and went home with lots of new input. Also, there were plenty of practical exercises – reanimation (with a dummy dog, of course) and various bandages (with a real dog).

Due to high demand, we will offer this seminar on a regular basis. The next event will be announced in time.